To be the 2nd place of the whole country in terms of cultivated areas after Gia Lai. Currently, Tay Ninh has 50,000 hectares of manioc with production of over 1.6 million tons/year.

Dinh Khue Company Limited with the main facility is located in Tan Chau District having the largest area of manioc in the province with over 30,000 hectares of cultivated area and the production of over 900,000 tons/year.

To ensure the supply of raw materials for production, in addition to purchasing from individual household producers, Dinh Khue has also collaborated with household producers, cooperatives to provide seedlings, fertilizers, technical support and underwriting of all products from producers and partnership cooperatives. That ensures Dinh Khue always has abundant and sufficient material resources to ensure the production process.

Besides the material resources in the province, with the advantage of a province bordering Cambodia, Dinh Khue has close cooperation with partners in the neighboring provinces of Cambodia in the supply of seedlings, fertilizers, agricultural technical support and underwriting of all products to these partners. Relying on that Dinh Khue has added a channel to supply raw materials for production, can ensure adequate supply to meet all the requirements of domestic and foreign partners.